We are e-motionlabs

e-motionlabs develops groundbreaking enabling technology to push the micromobility revolution with light electric vehicles.

The core of our enabling technology consists of smart communication modules that connect e-bikes and e-scooters to the cloud. Through smart applications we create a safer, more sustainable and more efficient e-experience for both the end user and fleet managers.

We do not assume a ready-made solution. e-motionlabs technology can offer a solution for specific mobility challenges.

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product scheme of e-motionlabs technology
product scheme of e-motionlabs technology


benefits of using e-motionlabs

Enhance Customer Experience

Better aftersales programs
New security functionalities
Better segmented products
Personalized loyalty programs
Optimized insurance packages
Private lease contracts for commuters

benefits of using e-motionlabs

Monitoring Bike behavior

Cycle counts
System errors
State of health
Charging behavior
Battery usage data
Electric motor data

benefits of using e-motionlabs

Understanding Rider behavior

Level of Effort
Average Trips
Preferred Routes
Experience profile
Usage type: leisure, commuting

e-motionlabs' application

Turn your e-bike into a smart bike
  • remote locking and anti-theft system
  • real-time support and maintenance notifications
  • activity tracking – ride summary
  • remote diagnosis and control dashboard
  • crash detection and emergency alert
  • skin customisable to vehicle brand
  • social activity & brand awareness
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